A Trip to Niagara Falls

Hello everyone ! I hope you all are doing great.So, Today I will be sharing my experience & some pics from Niagara trip. Niagara falls is a tremendously gorgeous group of  waterfalls.It’s a delight from nature to see.It is located on the border of Canadian province,Ontario and New york state of USA.Its breathtaking & a must see 🙂IMG_20170703_110951589_HDR

The best part of visiting this place was “Maid of the mist”,the boat tour of Niagara Falls.It was amazing to view the gallons of water falling with a grumbling sound and feeling the cool mist on your face . I just love nature and felt fortunate to experience this .Here is the pic :


As we preferred to take the bus tour,it included the visit to “Thousand islands” and “Lake Ontario” as well.They were just a treat to the trip as both of these places were wonderful.”Thousand islands” is a group of 1000 islands with many cute castles and shorelines,and natural scenes.It is located in the Lawrence river on the US-Canada border.As a first time visitor,It felt like a small paradise for me. Few pics of it :KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Lake Ontario is a beautiful lake surrounded by the Canadian province Ontario.It’s a pleasure for the sightseers.It’s splendid with beautiful water and such a peaceful and soothing environment.A great place for nature lovers.IMG_20170703_085729184_HDR (1)

It feels really refreshing and energizing when you visit nature.It gives you an instant boost of happiness and peace.According to me,”Spending time with nature is the best cure “. Have an awesome day ahead 🙂 !






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