Lets talk positive today ! yeah the solution to every problem ,big or small.All of us go through a lot in our daily lives .Life is full of ups and downs,it’s never the same.Each day we have to face a new challenge in some way,but what keeps us going is the positivity inside us.No matter what ,always stay positive.Always think whatever happens to us has a specific reason ,its meant to be that way .I know it’s not easy ,but trust me its all in our mind .I myself am a very emotional person .I used to get hurt very quickly ,a single harsh word wounded me deep inside.Honestly speaking ,whoever talked to me in a bad way seemed like a villain to me.It happened to me several times and every single time it happened gave me pain and disappointment.But one day I realised ,that the problem was in me.I was the one who was taking all those things on my heart that were not worth my attention.I was not negative even at that point  nor were the people.But the fact is ,how I  perceived things.I changed my perception ,always remember everything has a positive side too.Everyone in this world is different and unique.We hurt ourselves when we start keeping expectations from others.We want them to become us ,which is never possible and that is the point where all our trouble starts.Never forget that no one can become you .If somebody hurts you , think they are not understanding like you.Those people who keep hurting others are lonely inside,they don’t know the value of relationships and eventually those are the ones who ruin themselves. The only problem with us is that we ignore the positive aspects and negativity captures us first.I believe positivity is a practice .We need to develop it from within.Start thinking everything in a positive way and you will notice the change in yourself as well as in the people around you.Positivity is so vibrant and infectious that it spreads faster than anything. It is the energy ,the feeling that keeps you energetic and lively in a great and even in a worse moment . I am not saying that being emotional is bad or having sentiments is wrong .But being positive matters,It will give you the strength to stand in any crucial condition,and face no matter what comes your way it will give you the hope for another new beginning.There are few simple words that can keep you away from negativity,IGNORE , AVOID and SMILE.Ignore anything,that is disturbing you,avoid those things that hurt you and smile whenever you can.Smiling is the best way to stay positive.If you feel ,your speaking can create chaos ,smile and let it go.Start practicing positivity from small things of your daily life and you will experience big changes for sure. So stay positive and keep smiling :)!


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